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Stakeholder Workshop on Quality Assurance

Chief Guest:                Prof. Dr Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro Vice Chancellor, Uttara University

Chair of the program: Prof. Dr. Debi Narayan Rudra Paul, Director, IQAC, Uttara university

Key note Speakers:     Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Dean, School of Business, Uttara University.

Moderator:                  Prof. Dr. ASM Shahabuddin, Chairperson, Dept. of Business Administration, Uttara University

The Stakeholder Workshop was organized by IQAC with a view to inform the stakeholder about the current quality status of the university and understand their views about the quality of education at Uttara University and what they think to further improve the quality. Seventy participants of different levels that include Faculty members, Office staffs, Alumni, Student, Parents, Employers and Community Leader attended the workshop.

In his keynote presentation on “Quality Culture in a University: Uttara University Perspective”,   Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam defined the quality of education as the fitness of the university graduates to meet the needs of stakeholders in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance and Quality Research as research that could successfully uncover the truth by following systematic investigative processes. He explained 20  essential characteristics of quality education namely,

  1. University Governance
  2. Physical Facilities
  3. Library and IT Services
  4. Student Support Services
  5. Safety – Security Proctorial Bodies
  6. Curriculum
  7. Teaching-Learning Environment
  8. Student Entry & Admission procedure
  9. Progress and Achievements
  10. Selection and Recruitment Procedures
  11. Job Security and Benefit Package
  12. Faculty Development
  13. Assessment & Use of Student Feedback
  14. Academic Guidance and Counseling
  15. Exam Control & Publication Results
  16. Extra Curricula Activities
  17. Corporate Attachment
  18. International Link with Universities & Professional Bodies
  19. Research and Extension Services
  20. Continuous Improvement/Kaizen


He also explained what Uttara University has and what it practices to create and nurture quality culture.

After keynote speech, there was a lively responses of the participants which were summarized by the workshop moderator ,  Prof. Dr. A S M Shahabuddin, Chairperson, Dept. of Business Administration, Uttara University. The stakeholders’ representatives shared their views on how they perceive the quality culture of Uttara University and how they evaluate it.

The alumni expressed their satisfaction on the quality of education of Uttara University as their employers have a good impression about Uttara University graduates  and some of them were able to secure jobs for Uttara University graduates in their organization. However, they suggested that the curriculum of the university should be re-designed to improve the communication and innovative skills.

The employers opined the similar view as the alumni and added that some courses may be re-designed to develop practical problem solving skills of the graduating students which can be achieved through university-industry collaboration in the teaching-learning process.

The guardians of the students showed their satisfaction on the progress of their sons/daughters. They added that the university should arrange transport facility for the students, particulary for female students for safe journey to and from the university.

The students in general, expressed their satisfaction on the lessons they learnt in the class but some students suggested to strictly follow the time schedule of class. They also requested the university authority to arrange bus service for the students to ensure safe journey timely attending the classes particularly, the first class of a day.

There were only two community personnel who felt their gratitude to the Uttara University authority for establishing the university at Uttara and they expressed their happiness to hear from others that the education standard of Uttara University is quite good and better than other universities located at Uttara.

In her speech, the chief guest Prof. Dr Eaysmin Ara Lekha, Pro Vice Chancellor, Uttara University expressed her satisfaction for arranging such a workshop and thanked the stakeholder of the university for attending the workshop. She also thanked the participants for their comments and suggestions towards improvement of quality of education at the Uttara University. She informed the participants, particularly, the guardians and students that the university is aware of the transport problem of the students and going to purchase some buses in the near future.