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Orientation Workshop for SAC Members on SA Activities

IQAC, Uttara University organized a workshop on “Orientation Workshop for SAC Members on SA Activities “was held on 7 October 2015 in Room No. 501, Dept. of Business Administration. All 27 SAC members of 09 SACs of Uttara University participated in the workshop. The workshop was presided by Prof. Dr. Debi Narayan Rudra Paul, Director, IQAC. Professor Dr Nazrul Islam, Dean of School of Business (SOB) was the Keynote speakers in the workshop.

In his keynote speech, Prof. Islam explained the importance of quality assurance in higher education and the role of the Self-Assessment Committee (SAC) in enhancing the quality of teaching-learning and administrative management. He discussed nine key issues of self- assessment namely,

  1. Governance
  2. Curriculum Design & Review
  3. Teaching-Learning and Assessment
  4. Student Entry Qualifications, Admission Procedure, Progress And Achievements
  5. Physical facilities
  6. Student Support Services
  7. Research and Extension
  8. Staff and Facilities: Recruitment and staff development
  9. Process Management and Continuous Improvement

He said that the task vested on the SACs is to find out the current situation of teaching learning and management issues which will form the basis of future improvement. He urged the SACs to identify the existing strengths and weaknesses, and future opportunities and threats of the department in particular and of the university in general. Team work is needed to accomplish the tasks vested on the SACs.

Prof. Dr. Debi Narayan Rudra Paul explained in detail the tasks that have to be done during the tenure of one year. He requested the SACs to prepare an action plan starting from Team Building Workshop to submission of Improvement Plan. He informed the block allocated for each SAC to accomplish the activities. He explained the mechanism of disbursement of fund from IQAC to each SAC and the adjustment procedure. He also urged the SAC members to read the SAC manuals and to work accordingly. They are requested to contact IQAC office in case of any difficulty. He also answered many questions of the participants (SAC members) regarding fund utilization and honorarium.